Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Recent Reports

Mara and her crew clean my 3-bedroom 2-story house every other week. They always clean the bathrooms and kitchen thoroughly (including the inside of the refrigerator and microwave), as well as the floors, and change the sheets. They alternate doing an intensive cleaning (dusting, etc.) of the other rooms, but it really seems that they clean the whole house thoroughly every time! Mara gives them instructions and inspects when they are finished. This is really a professional cleaning crew!Member Comments: Marta and her crew have been cleaning my house every other week since November 2008. They are the best cleaning service I have ever had! Marta always asks if I want anything special done. They work hard and efficiently and I have never had any cause for complaint. I highly recommend them!

White Glove cleaning Service did the construction cleaning of my house which included carpet cleaning and windows inside and out.Member Comments: I checked with other companies too and felt that these people knew what to do and how to do. They did a good job, very professional, used eco-friendly chemicals, wore uniforms were very organized. I noticed some areas they missed and they happily came back and took care of things. They were not the cheapest but I felt I got good value for the money I paid them.

Three bedroom, two bath house thoroughly cleaned, including carpets in two rooms, all cabinets inside and out, oven, refrigerator, and windows.Member Comments: Mara agreed to a date at short notice, and has been pleasant to work with from start to finish. After their work Mara's husband Fernando gave me a tour of the job so that I could check everything - the house was immaculate. He also encouraged me to call back if I discovered any problems, and assured me that he would be happy to come back and take care of any problems. Everyone was friendly, professional, and conscientious about their work.

Mara came over and gave me a bid for cleaning my 1000ft home 2 times per month. She came the same day that I called her. Mara was charming, professional and great with my large dog. She obviously loves dogs and recognizes how important they are to their owners. That is important to me given they will typically come to the house when we aren't home. I don't want someone who is afraid of my dog, mean to her when I'm not around or who is at risk of letting my dog run out into the street. Mara told me that she charged by the hour for the first cleaning of the house and after that it would be a set price per visit. Her and her team came the next morning. They were pretty thorough, even cleaning inside of the oven and other appliances. They did a great job dusting everything. I walked through with Mara at the end and only caught one or two small areas that they'd missed; Mara immediately took care of them and pointed out these areas to her team. She's a bit of a perfectionist, mopping the Pergo floors several times until they were to her liking (even after I'd already paid her). She obviously cares about satisfying her customers. I'd definitely hire her again.

Overall, the experience is going quite well. Mara arrived on time for the initial estimate and she camp up with a program that fit my schedule and requirements. Highly recommended!