Monday, March 29, 2010

Powerful and Safer for Your Home!

Housecleaners are exposed to toxic chemicals contained in cleaning products, often without knowing that the systematic use of these toxins can cause irreversible damage to our health.

The labels on these products do not always reveal all of the ingredients contained or the harm that they can cause. These products are also responsible for the majority of infant intoxications due to accidental ingestion.
It is not news that we all need to do our part to care for our planet, but using environmentally friendly, or "green" cleaning products does that and more. Our products are 100% organic (toxin-free) to ensure that we are reducing the amount of harmful products you and those you care about are coming into contact with. Our products will not harm you, your pets, or your surfaces while at the same time, give you the highest quality cleaning you expect.

We participate in training where we become informed about cleaning alternatives that do not harm the environment or our health.

We make cleaning products with natural ingredients using as base: water, vinegar, vegetable soap, borax and essential oils.
We use Melaleuca and love their products.
Our goal is to provide a professional and safe cleaning

We participate in workshops, ESL and Computer classes to improve our skills and protecting the environment using non-toxic products.